Off road RZR elopement

Loren and Hunter wanted to experience something new on their wedding day with stunning views. Hunter is a huge fan of off-roading so I recommend we try a off road RZR adventure elopement. They both loved the idea and we got to planning!

I recommended Ouray as it is one of the best locations to off-road in Colorado. Everyone around the U.S comes to the San Juan Mountains to off-road in their jeeps or ATVs. There are a few companies based in Ouray that you can rent from.

Ouray is known for being “The Switzerland of America” because it has epic mountains views. There are a lot of stunning hiking trails, off-roading, ice climbing, rock climbing, and a super cute town. Accommodation here is way cheaper than it’s neighboring town, Telluride, so it’s a great place to also have your honeymoon. Also, there is a hot spring in town that you can go and visit.

Off Road RZR Adventure Elopement

We started their day at the RZR drop off in front of the road we needed to start our journey. The rental company has an option to drop it off at certain popular locations which is super convenient because you can leave the rental back at the same place without needing to drive into town in a RZR.

They brought their dog along which is another great thing about renting your own RZR with this rental company because they allow dogs. Dogs can also sign your marriage license in Colorado which is pretty rad!

So we all piled into the RZR and off we went up the mountain to our first location. It took us an hour to drive up to the summit. When I create a timetable for you, remember that when you are driving in the mountains of Colorado, driving will take a lot of time! That’s why I recommend a half day or full day photography coverage so we aren’t rushing around.

Once we got to the summit, they got changed together. Some couples choose to have a first look but if that isn’t your thing, then getting ready together and helping each other is a really sweet moment too! After they got changed, we had a change to explore the area and get some photos at this epic landscape.

Ceremony, First Dance, and Picnic in Ouray, Colorado

We drove back down the mountain to a pull out next to a field of wildflowers and waterfalls. Loren and Hunter wanted to say their vows next to a waterfall so this was a perfect location for them.

We hiked over to the waterfall and they picked the spot to say their vows. It was so beautiful so be saying your private vows next to a waterfall and a field of wildflowers. I mean, isn’t that freakin awesome? They had their dog sign their marriage license with a chemical free ink pad.

Then we set up their picnic next to another waterfall. Two waterfalls in one location!? Amazing. Loren had set up a cute little charcuterie board with all their favorite little snacks. It was a perfect time to have a picnic. They also read letters from family. This is a great example if you don’t want family to be there on your wedding day but want them to be a part of it in some way. Get them to write letters to you both! Then when the sun started to set, they had their first dance. I bring a portable bluetooth speaker so if you want a first dance, just download your song and I will bring it with me for your wedding day! We didn’t see a soul in sight for the entire day!

Then we headed back down to the cars to end their day after sunset. It was a beautiful and adventurous way to get married! Congrats Loren and Hunter!

Things to know about off-roading in Ouray, Colorado

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking of having an off road RZR elopement.

  • San Juan Mountains get a lot of afternoon rain in the summer. This is when it’s too dangerous to go off-roading in the mountains.
  • Don’t choose to do an RZR elopement if you aren’t experienced with driving an RZR.
  • If you want to go off-roading, I would recommend a Private Jeep Tour which is an excellent way to see the beautiful mountains without any concerns about driving in the mountains.

That being said, it’s better to have experience with an RZR for Ouray or in the San Juan Mountains before choosing this type of elopement however there are other locations in Colorado that we could set up an off road RZR elopement in a beginner friendly place.

Ready to plan your own off road elopement? Let’s get started!

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