hiking and brewery elopement colorado

Michelle and Jordan had a magical full day elopement in Colorado. They came from Maryland to elope here in the Fall. They definitely wanted an all day elopement with some hiking involved. While we were chatting on our call, Jordan said that he loves to collect glasses from breweries when he travels to new places. So I suggested we take a break after the hike to grab some hot food and beer at a local brewery. They loved the idea so I got to planning!

We had planned for getting ready photos at their Airbnb but Michelle saw an elopement that I did a week beforehand where my couples got ready outside. They asked about the logistics of getting ready outside. When a couple wants to get ready outside, I find them a secluded spot where they can get changed. I know the trails like the back of my hand so there are many places that you can get changed without any interruptions.

I readjusted the getting ready part so they could get ready at the abandoned cabins at the end of the hike. We met at the trailhead and started hiking together. When I create the timeline, I make sure we take plenty of breaks. I want us all to get there together.

We hiked through the pine trees where it opened up to a meadow with jagged mountains surrounding it. They got changed in different abandoned cabins before having their first look. We explored and enjoyed the area before hiking back down to the car. We stopped off at Highside Brewery in Frisco for some food and beers. It was a really great activity to take a break but still do something that is sentimental together.

After the brewery, we drove to our last location where we hiked past alpine lakes and found a spot where they could say their vows. We watched the sunset and played around with the lanterns that I brought. It was such a beautiful day celebrating their love in Colorado.

Colorado Elopement Photographer

Hi! I am your girl, Vivian!

What makes me different from other Elopement Photographers – I genuinely care about your day. I am not kidding. I have been in your shoes – I eloped! So I know what it’s like to choose a wedding day that is vastly different from the big traditional weddings that you have attended to in the past or that people are telling you to have.

It is super important that you choose a photographer that you vibe with because you will be putting your trust fully and completely in this person’s hands. I am the photographer to help you create your dream day. I am known for “heck yeah, let’s do it” when someone wants to go on an adventure with me, I am super detail orientated, and I absolutely love to laugh and have fun with the people around me.

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