Fishing wedding


Alicia and Ben came to me looking to elope in Colorado but didn’t know where and what they wanted to do. So after our initial phone call, I found out that they both love to fish and hike together. Ben is an avid fisher and Alicia loves to hike any chance she gets. So why not have a fishing and hiking elopement? They absolutely loved the idea so I got to planning!

I knew some amazing areas where they could go do both that were the best for fishing and had beautiful hiking trails.

They wanted to be further in the mountains away from the big cities so I chose a cute little mountain town about 2.5hrs away from Denver Airport.

We started their full elopement day at their Airbnb where Alicia had a hairstylist do her hair before she did her own make up. We had their first look at the front of the Airbnb.

Then we headed over to the huge lake where they chose the place for their ceremony. They said their vows next to a lake in front of the largest mountains that had tinges of Fall colors coming through.

After their vows, they set up their fishing gear and got ready to catch some fish! There were a couple of other fishermen nearby that congratulated them and wished they could have fished on their wedding day. Haha.


After they did some fishing, we hopped back in the car and drove up to a mountain pass so we could explore a ridge at the summit.

Alicia and Ben got to experience another beautiful view but this time on a mountain summit! It was 360 views of mountains. We had a sandwich and enjoyed the views while we hiked along the ridge.


After exploring the summit, we drove to the trailhead where Alicia and Ben wanted to hike to an alpine lake that had an island in the middle. They wanted to hike and go fishing on this trail.

The hike passed several smaller lakes, meadows, and forests before it opened up to the island alpine lake.

They set their hiking gear aside and took out their fishing poles. They did a bit of fishing and were able to get a few bites in!

Afterwards, we set up a picnic next to the lake so they could cut some cake, pop champagne, and enjoy the views. Alicia had carried a cute picnic basket up to the lake.

We ended their 10 hour elopement day by watching the sunset and hiking back down in the dark. It was such a magical day filled with all the things they love to do together. But also experience a new area with all the views they have ever wanted!

Congratulations Alicia and Ben!! What an amazing way to get married!

What a fun filled day for your elopement? Reach out and fill out my contact form!

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