When you elope – it’s your day, your way. You won’t be forced to do anything that doesn’t resonate with you unlike big traditional weddings where everything is planned out. You and your partner are unique and so if your love so why conform the way someone wants you to celebrate your day. I will help you create a day that is authentically you.


I am no ordinary elopement photographer. When you book with me, you will get an amazing experience and beautiful photos. At Wild and In Love Photo, I strive to make your Colorado elopement stress free and easy to plan.


I am here to help you plan every step of the way! I will help and provide you with:

  • Location recommendations with pictures, maps, and trail stats.
  • You’ll receive my “The Ultimate Planning Guide” with 80+ pages to help you plan.
  • Vendor recommendations such as hair/make up artists, florist, videographer, personal chef, etc.
  • Wedding License Information
  • Wedding permits
  • Help you plan any other activities on your day like private jeep tour, horseback riding, helicopter ride, etc.
  • Weather assistance – Colorado is unpredictable so I will let you know what to expect.


Every elopement is different so it’s a good thing you have me who has photographed so many elopements in Colorado! I will craft the best timeline for you and your partner for your special day. This is a collaboration so I’ll send you draft timelines then we can nail down the final copy together.


I am HERE for you! After our initial phone call where you book me, I will be here via email whenever you need. If you have any questions about your wedding day, feel free to email me them! We are in this together and I am going to be your absolute best buddy to help you plan everything out. We’re going to make your day an epic adventure filled with love and joy!


I am an ordained Elopement Photographer. I can legally sign your marriage license. That being said, I don’t play the traditional role as an officiant on your wedding day but I can guide you through your ceremony. I became ordained so I can make sure your elopement is as intimate as it can be! This service is given at no extra cost.


You will get an online gallery with unlimited downloads with a minimum of 150+ photos (4 hour coverage) to 300+ photos (8 hour coverage) – it depends on what we are doing on your day! But I always over deliver. You can print your photos straight from the professional print lab that is in your online gallery. You will get sneak peeks from 10 to 20 photos within 48 hours so you can share with family and friends!


ONLY available for the Ultimate Elopement Package and Full Day Package. The 12hr and 8hr elopement packages that are available. When you book this elopement package, you will receive a beautiful complimentary $1000 worth printed album that I will design and print for you.


Not only will you get amazing digital high resolution edited photos but I will also give you tangible polaroids taken throughout your day! I love film and this is one way of capturing your day that you get to take home straight away! This service is given at no extra cost.


You can rent some of my gear for your elopement at no extra cost! From Stand Up Paddle Boards, Picnic Blankets, Lanterns, Headlamps, “Just Married” backpack sign, etc. I will send you a checklist so you can select what you want for me to bring. It won’t include anything that is size dependent like hiking shoes, backpacks, etc.


There are NO hidden surprises. All photographer travel fees are included in your elopement package price.


Colorado is an amazing location to get married. It’s super easy to legally get married here. There is a paragraph later on that discusses more about how to self-solemize in Colorado.

Where do most people why into Colorado for their elopement? You will most likely fly into Denver or Colorado Springs for your wedding. These two are the biggest airport hubs in Colorado. Once you start driving, remember that driving in the mountains is very different. You’ll need to engine break when you decent so that way you don’t put wear and tear on the engine or have it overheat.

Drink a lot of water as the elevation might affect you. Denver is 5000+ plus feet in the air so some people find themselves feeling a bit sick once they arrive and start walking around.

Remember to put sunscreen on as you are closer to the sun!


Colorado mountain towns are charming, picturesque communities that offer breathtaking scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities. Nestled in the foothills and valleys of the Rocky Mountains, these towns are popular destinations for tourists and locals alike. They feature charming main streets lined with locally-owned shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and fishing.

Many of the towns have a rich history and are surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, including rolling hills, pristine lakes, and towering peaks. Whatever your vision is for your elopement, there is a mountain town for you.

There are many amazing mountain towns to elope in Colorado. It will depend how far you are willing to drive from Denver or Colorado Springs’ airports.

For mountain towns closer to Denver: Colorado Springs, Idaho Springs, Breckenridge, and Estes Park.

For mountain towns in San Juan Mountains which is Southern Colorado: Durango, Telluride, Ouray, and Pagosa Springs.

Other mountain towns to consider: Buena Vista, Crested Butte, Aspen, and Frisco.

Here is the ultimate list to Best Locations to Elope in Colorado!


I highly recommend you eloping on a week day rather than a weekend because Colorado is a popular place to visit – no matter what season. I know many locations where it’s more secluded and private but there will be far less of a chance to see people when you elope on a week day.

I recommend eloping Tuesday-Thursday but here are some pros and cons when deciding to elope on a week day or weekend.

Here are some of the pros and cons of having a weekday elopement:


  1. More availability: Weekdays are often less busy than weekends, which can make it easier to find a venue, book vendors, and arrange transportation.
  2. Lower costs: Many accommodations charge less on a weekday, which can make a weekday elopement more affordable.
  3. Fewer crowds: If you’re looking for a more intimate and private experience, a weekday elopement may be less likely to be disrupted by crowds of people or other events.
  4. More time for your guests: If you have guests traveling for your elopement, they may appreciate having more time to explore the area or relax during their trip.


  1. Work schedules: Depending on your work schedules and the schedules of your friends and family, a weekday elopement may not be feasible.
  2. Limited vendor availability: Some vendors may not be available on weekdays, which could limit your options.

Whether a weekday elopement is right for you will depend on your personal preferences and the specifics of your situation. If you’re flexible and looking for a more low-key and affordable experience, a weekday elopement could be a great option.

Here are some of the pros and cons of having a weekend elopement:


  1. More flexibility: Many people have weekends off from work, making it easier for friends and family to attend.
  2. More excitement: For many people, weekends are associated with special events and festivities, which can add to the excitement of your elopement.
  3. Better vendor availability: Many vendors, such as photographers and videographers, may be more available on weekends, giving you more options to choose from.


  1. Higher costs: Weekend elopements may be more expensive, as vendors may charge higher prices for weekends.
  2. Busier schedule: Weekends are often busier and more hectic, which could make it more difficult to coordinate all the elements of your elopement.
  3. More people around: A weekend elopement may be more likely to be disrupted by other people or events, which could impact the intimacy of the occasion.
  4. Crowds: Popular locations may be more crowded on weekends, which could make it more challenging to find a private, intimate location for your elopement.

A weekend elopement is right for you will depend on your personal preferences and the specifics of your situation. If you have more flexible schedules and are looking for a more festive and exciting experience, a weekend elopement could be a great option.


Sunrise and Sunset both have amazing lighting. You can’t go wrong with either but here are some pros and cons when choosing the best one for you.

Here are some of the pros and cons of having a sunrise elopement:


  1. Romantic setting: Sunrise can be a beautiful and romantic time of day, making it a great time to exchange vows.
  2. Fewer distractions: A sunrise elopement is less likely to be disrupted by other people or events, giving you more privacy and intimacy.
  3. Unique experience: A sunrise elopement is an unusual and unique experience that is sure to be remembered forever.
  4. More daylight later in the day: If you elope at sunrise, you’ll have more daylight available later in the day for activities like exploring or taking photos.


  1. Early start time: A sunrise elopement requires an early start time, which can be a challenge for some people.
  2. Weather concerns: Sunrise can be a time of day when the weather is less predictable, so you’ll need to be prepared for inclement weather.
  3. Lack of daylight for photos: While the early morning light can be beautiful, it can also be challenging to take good photos, especially if you’re relying on natural light.
  4. Limited vendor availability: Some vendors, such as photographers and videographers, may not be available to work at such an early hour, which could limit your options.

Ultimately, whether a sunrise elopement is right for you will depend on your personal preferences and the specifics of your situation. If you’re up for the challenge and the idea of exchanging vows at sunrise appeals to you, a sunrise elopement can be a beautiful and memorable experience.

Here are some of the pros and cons of having a sunset elopement:


  1. Beautiful setting: Sunset can be a stunning and romantic time of day, making it a great time to exchange vows.
  2. Good lighting for photos: The soft, warm light of sunset can make for beautiful photos and video of your elopement.
  3. More relaxed schedule: A sunset elopement allows for a more relaxed schedule, as you’ll have most of the day to get ready and take care of any necessary preparations.
  4. Unique experience: A sunset elopement is an unusual and unique experience that is sure to be remembered forever.


  1. Possible weather concerns: Sunset can also be a time of day when the weather is less predictable, so you’ll need to be prepared for inclement weather.
  2. More people around: A sunset elopement may be more likely to be disrupted by other people or events, which could impact the intimacy of the occasion.
  3. Darker environment: A sunset elopement can become darker more quickly because the mountains are huge in Colorado. The sunset is half an hour to 45mins before true sunset due to the mountains.

Ultimately, whether a sunset elopement is right for you will depend on your personal preferences and the specifics of your situation. If you’re drawn to the beauty of sunset and the idea of exchanging vows at that time of day appeals to you, a sunset elopement can be a beautiful and memorable experience.


The cost of eloping in Colorado in 2023/2024 will vary depending on several factors, such as the location, time of year, and the services and amenities you choose. For example, eloping in a remote mountain location during peak season will likely be more expensive than eloping in a smaller town during the off-season. It’s important to create a budget and stick to it, and to consider all of your options when planning your elopement in order to find the best balance between cost and quality.

Here is what an average elopement in Colorado can cost:

Photographer: $4000-$8000
Florist: $100-$300
Hair and make up artist: $150-$400
Marriage License: $30
Accommodation: $150-$250 per night
Permits: $0-$300

Averaging: $4500

Here is what a high cost elopement in Colorado can cost:

Photographer: $4000-$8000
Videographer: $2000-$5000
Florist: $200-$400
Hair and make up artist: $200-$500
Off-roading private jeep tour: $350 per hour
Private chef: $300-$800
Baker: $80-$200
Marriage License: $30
Accommodation: $200-$400 per night
Permits: $0-$300

Averaging: $7000

The average big traditional wedding with over 100+ guests cost over 30k in Colorado. But you can have a dream elopement in Colorado for under 10k! Including your honeymoon afterwards. Isn’t that amazing? What a great way to get married.


Self solemnization in Colorado is when a couple can legally marry themselves without an officiant nor a witness to be present to sign their marriage certificate. It is legal and accepted in all states nation wide.

It is fairly easy to get your marriage license in Colorado. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Go to a county clerk and recorder’s office
  2. You will both need to bring your driver’s licenses or passports or birth certificates and social security numbers with you to apply for a marriage license. The fee is $30.00
  3. You will need to complete your marriage license within 35 days.
  4. Once you are married, you will need to file your marriage license back at the same county clerk and recorder’s office within 63 days of your elopement date. You will receive a late fee if you file it late.

I am ordained so I can guide you through your ceremony. I don’t play the traditional officiant role but I can create an intimate experience when you say your vows. I will say a few words before your vows, guide you through your ring exchange, and then pronounce you married. So we can keep your ceremony an intimate experience with me being your officiant.


Once you book me as your elopement photographer, I will help you with other vendors as I assist in the planning process. Depending on your budget or how you want to experience your wedding day. Here are some vendors you can book for your Colorado elopement:

Florist, hair and make up artist, videographer, private chef, baker, etc.

It depends where you elope, I know many vendors all across Colorado so I will send you a list of the vendors you want in the area you are eloping.


For some couples, this is a super easy question to answer—and for others, it’s more of a debate. The truth is—an elopement doesn’t have to be just two people. You can definitely still have an intimate elopement experience and a day that’s fully centered on your relationship with your closest friends and/or family involved.

However, if you do decide to invite family or friends along, whether it’s just a celebratory meal, the getting ready portion of the day, just the ceremony, or the whole day, make sure they’re fully on board with your vision and understand that you’re not having a big traditional wedding—but a unique celebration that’s authentic to your relationship.

Campsite Elopement


This will depend on how many guests you invite and where you can elope. Obviously, if it’s just the two of you – there are a lot of places you can elope. But if you want to invite guests there we might be a few more restrictions.

Most wilderness locations in Colorado have a guest limit. It’s usually 10 people and under for some free locations. If your guest count is around 20 then you will need to book a proper venue. There are many venues in Colorado that range from $0-$300 that you can book for family and friends to be involved.


Ideally, 6+ months but it depends on how much flexibility you have when it comes to locations. For example, there are locations like Rocky Mountain National Park where you will need to book a year in advance.

So there are wedding ceremony permits that require you to book at least 3 months or so in advance. However, if you are flexible then I have planned an elopement as little as 3 weeks.

There are many stunning locations that don’t require a wedding ceremony permit so don’t hesitate to reach out to book and plan your elopement with me.


We get all four seasons here in Colorado so it depends when you would like to elope.

For winter wonderland elopements with guaranteed snow, I would recommend January-March. Because November and December can be a miss. It really depends on the snow fall. March is our snowiest month in Colorado.

For spring elopements with a touch of snow on the mountains or things becoming more green, I would recommend April-June.

For summer elopements, I recommend July and August. The wildflowers start to bloom all over the state and everything is green.

You can check here for more details about each month.


This will largely depend on the location. There are some locations that require a wedding permit for your ceremony or a photographer permit. The latter is something I take care of but I will help you with getting a wedding permit as the couple needs to be the one to apply for that permit.

For example, you will need to get a wedding permit if you want to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a $300 permit and you will apply for a designated spot in the park. The National Park opens the permits a year in advance so for example, you want to elope in August 2024. The permits will open up on August 2023 for August 2024. The summer and fall dates get picked up really quickly so it’s something to be aware of.

However, there are many places that I know that don’t require a wedding or photographer permit where you can get married. This is why hiring something local who knows the rules because you don’t want to deal with a ranger on your wedding day.

Permits can range from $0-$300 in Colorado.


If you want getting ready photos at your accommodation then I recommend booking an Airbnb or VBRO with that in mind. A tip on choosing accommodation is: find a place that has a lot of natural light with big windows is an important factor when taking photos inside your accommodation.

Why not book nice accommodation for your wedding day? It can be a home base for your elopement, explore the surrounding mountains, and a mini honeymoon afterwards. There are a lot of Airbnbs that have hot tubs, or located in a beautiful location that would be perfect to splurge on your wedding day!


The Leave No Trace principles are a set of guidelines that promote responsible and sustainable outdoor recreation. For an elopement in a natural or remote location, it’s important to follow these principles in order to minimize your impact on the environment. Some of the things to be aware of when eloping outdoors, we will pack out whatever we take into the wilderness. We need to be aware of the wildlife and our distance from them. Even though the wildflowers are beautiful, we can’t pick them. Finally, be considerate of other visitors by avoiding playing really loud music on the trails. By following these Leave No Trace principles, you can help ensure that your elopement has a positive impact on the environment and the natural beauty of the area.


The next step is to fill out my contact form. Then we can set up a date and time to chat about your upcoming elopement. I love jumping on a zoom call with my couples so we can get to know each other as I want you to vibe with your photographer. After discussing your day, I will send you a contract and retainer invoice to officially book me. Once, I am officially booked, I will send you my 80+ Ultimate Elopement Guide that I created exclusively for my couples. I will send you a Location Guide that will have all the information you need to make a decision. I will send vendors once you have chosen your location. Then I will work on your timeline. It’s a collaboration between the both of us to let me if you would like to change anything! Then that is it! We get you married in Colorado!

Who is Vivian?

Hi! I am Vivian! Your Colorado Elopement Photographer!

What makes me different from other Elopement Photographers – I genuinely care about your day. I am not kidding. I have been in your shoes – I eloped! So I know what it’s like to choose a wedding day that is vastly different from the big traditional weddings that you have attended to in the past or that people are telling you to have.

I will help you plan and have an amazing elopement in Colorado!

Ready to jump on a zoom call with me?

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